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Wanderer. Search for job. 3D graphics, music, web.

      Comrades, you are always welcome on our site.

      You may wander who are comrades? Now it's time to tell. We are people with healthy sense of humour, creative thinking and inclinations to creativiry in different spheres. And we all met at this place and decided that from now on we will work and create together. So it's easier for you to start now from here?

      It is possible to see us, just click on a word "Team" (not with your finger, but with the cursor of your mouse).

      In section "Creative" it is possible to see our creations: art, poetry and prose, music, surgery, a policy, geoecology.. Well, just kidding... Visit these sections and see for yourself!

      In "Releases" it is possible to get acquainted with one more type of comrades' activity: creation of modifications for computer games. And not bad, I'll tell you, like "bring three mushrooms - for it on you the fourth ", but serius (aha, come and look), greate and recognized by players.

      All sections are being updated. So, I think you understand everything, it's not the first day that you're touching your mouse ;).

      Welcome. Feel at home, but do not forget that you're guest.



     New version of texture pack "Autumn in Risen" is ready.

     In this version of mod have been fixed all the small inaccuracies, missed by developers and marked by attentive players. These errors, like purple branches or falling leaves in bright green color, is not critical, and does not affect the gameplay itself, but a little spoiled colorful autumn atmosphere.

     Altered easter egg picture included.


     A new our project is released.

     This is a texture pack for Risen game (Piranha Bytes) - "Autumn in Risen". The game is changed to a more gloomy and gothic athmosphere.


     A new site is opened - "The road". This site about Wanderers offroad mototraveling.

     Welcome to the world of offroad, mud, wild, wicked mosquitoes, night campfire smoke, soaked clothes, and other beautiful moments of motoextreme.


     English version of site is started.


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