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Autumn in Risen

      Modification for Risen game ( Texture pack.


      Well, now late autumn came to the island. The island is no longer a tropical, it was left palm (replaced models). The atmosphere of the game has become darker, there are no bright colors, only fading nature.

System requirements:


Mod released:





Autumn in Risen Autumn in Risen Autumn in Risen Autumn in Risen

Download ~11Mb


      Modification for Gothic 3 game ( Texture pack.


      Autumn came to the lands of Myrtana. There is no more than violence of greens, and there are dim leaves and grass. The atmosphere of game there and then changes, aside greater immersing of the player in problems subdued by orks of Myrtana, and together with kingdom's last days, fades the nature.

System requirements:

      Gothic III

Mod released:



autumn autumn autumn autumn

Download ~8.5Mb

Wanderer - In the Enemy's Rear

      It is a modification for the Gothic 2 DNDR game (

      It is to the great struggle of the American government for democracy all over the world that this game is devoted to!

About mod:

      Nearest future (or past) :). American superspy (Wanderer) under the cover of vagabond takes root into Russia. His purpose is to find out the weapons of mass destruction which remain only here. Democracy has already ruled for a very long time in almost the entire world, and only this dark corner of the planet is not painted in orange color on former threatened freedom. All goes smoothly until the hero collides with the Russian present-day reality. Training at spy school doesn't help, actions of the local residents do not fall under any reasonalbe explanation, logic of the superspy is in deadlock...

New features:

  • Original atmosphere which in any way hasn't been connected to the world of the Gothic style
  • Crazy humour, quests that parody films, events from life, jokes
  • 3 New locations
  • Two kinds of firearms: easy (gun, rifle, etc.) and heavy (grenade launcher, flamethrower, etc.)
  • Real-life weapon of short range combat (armature, bottles, bats, etc.)
  • Various head-dresses
  • New items
  • Caricature characters: politicians, pop stars, film characters
  • New monsters
  • In the game there are more than 50 quests and more than a 100 of characters
  • There is more than 30 hours of game time
  • note: Any resemblance to any real character or a real event is not accidental. Distribution of this madhouse is strictly encouraged! The authors reserve the right to send each player... for a bottle of beer.

    System requirements:

          Gothic II NOTR, ver 2.6

    English release:

          in progress


          To those who haven't come of age it's not recommended to play the game, because it contains scenes of SEX and VIOLENCE and STRONG LANGUAGE!!!